March 8, 2022

Tips & tricks for using our video rental kits

At Curastory, we help content creators get matched with video sponsors. The first way to secure a corporate video sponsor is to create high-quality content! At Curastory, we help with that too. Whether you’re a new content creator or an experienced vlogger, our video equipment rental kits help you create professional-grade, well-crafted,  sponsor-worthy content. We offer two different kits based on your filmmaking needs. Here’s how to use our video rental kits to create professional video content sponsors will love.  

The Starter Kit

Rental: $35. Retail value: $550+

Our Studio Starter Kit is perfect for new content creators that want to create high-quality video content using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  The kit contains items that enhance the video recording properties on your smart device for professional-looking videos. Here’s what’s included along with tips on how to use these items.

Pelican™ Air case and Pelican Master Lock 

Both of our rental kits are shipped in state-of-the-art Pelican brand cases with locks for added security. These boxes are lightweight and are great for traveling or filming on the go. 

The best lighting courtesy of Lume Cube

Lume Cube is known for bringing studio-quality lighting to any video situation. Here’s what to expect from Lume Cube in our Starter video rental kit. 

Lume Cube Panel Mini Lights with suction cup mount 

The Lume Cube Mini Light Panel is the perfect solution to low-light video recording and conferencing. The Lume Cube features adjustable LED bi-color lights that allow you to control brightness levels and color temperature. The included diffusion lens creates a soft, warm glow on subjects.  The Lume Cube is highly portable and can be taken anywhere you want to film—it’s about the size of a credit card!  The Lume Cube packs two hours of battery life when on full brightness. The light panel is compatible with any Lume Cube mount. 

The suction cup mount allows for flexible, damage-free mounting on most surfaces. It has a 360-degree ball head mount that can be attached to many different devices. Stick the suction cup on your smartphone, laptop, or desk for enhanced lighting exactly where you want it. 

Pro tip: Tap the blue power button once and slide the side dial to adjust color temperature. Sliding the dial upwards will produce bright, white light while turning it down creates a warm, orange glow. 

Lume Cube Smartphone Light Stand Tripod & smartphone mount 

This tripod is a multi-use tool that can either act as a light stand or as a smartphone tripod. It has four height extension levels, ranging from a minimum of 7.5 inches tall with the legs fully closed to 30 inches tall at the maximum height level. It’s quick to set up and is collapsable for easy storage.  Our rental kits also come with the smartphone mount; it’s a 360-degree ball head mount that allows you to attach any smartphone to the tripod for professional broadcasting. 

Increase your smartphone audio pickup

Take your audio recording to the next level with the Purple Panda Lapel Mic Kit. This omnidirectional polar pattern microphone set picks up sound equally from 360-degree angles while reducing ambient and background noises when shooting outdoors. The mic comes with a tight-fit wind guard and an additional fuzzy windscreen for precise audio—all the time. The mic kit includes two adapters and is compatible with various smart devices, including Apple products, Samsung and LG devices, and Android smartphones. 

Pro tip: You can use this lapel mic with your GoPro and DSLR camera, but additional attachments are needed. 

Secure your smartphone while recording

Our Starter Kits come with items that will ensure your smart device stays protected and near you when making action videos. The BlackRapid WandeR Phone Tether system works with many different types of smartphones and cases. Simply slide the TetheR-Tab directly into your phone case, placing the loop through the charging port. Then, attach either the wrist tether or the neck lanyard based on your preferred shot. Both tethers adjust around your neck or wrist to secure your phone while vlogging. 

Pro tip: Fully charge your smartphone before using the tether system. You won’t be able to use the device’s native charging port with the TetheR-Tab installed. 

Record like a professional indoors with the Westcott backdrop

Westcott is known for providing professional, studio-grade photo and video equipment to professional photographers and videographers. This portable Westcott backdrop is excellent for interview-style videos for distraction-free filming. These backdrops attach to any surface with six damage-free hooks included in the kit.  

The Professional Kit

Rental: $50. Retail value: $975+

Our Professional Kits are for experienced vloggers and content creators looking to take their video recording to the next level with professional-quality equipment and accessories. The Professional Kit offers opportunities for point-of-view action shooting, making them a perfect option for athletes. Learn more about the kit’s contents below. 

Pelican™ Air case and lock 

These top-of-the-line cases ensure the contents of each kit arrive in one piece and are well protected. The case weighs under five pounds total, so it’s easy to bring and set up for mobile shooting. The Master lock adds an extra level of security during shipping and travel.  

Go hands-free with GoPro

Each Professional Kit comes with the GoPro Hero 8 Camera, one of the best action cameras on the market. This camera is made for outdoor and action shooting durability, helping you create professional-quality action videos without shaking, distracting wind noise, or blurry shots.

The GoPro Hero 8 features HyperSmooth technology, which provides unparalleled video stabilization and horizontal leveling.  This 12-megapixel camera has four lens types built-in. You can shoot various types of video using features like time warp, night lapse, and live burst. Three internal microphones allow for reduced background noise, which is great for action videos that may involve heavy exercise.  It also has voice command technology. A rechargeable battery is also included in our video rental kits.  

Pro tip: Use the camera’s live streaming capabilities as a webcam for news and announcement videos. 

GoPro Accessories 

The Professional Kit GoPro Mods allow you to level up your GoPro video power with several added features. 

GoPro Media Mod 

The Media Mod is a powerhouse for audio recording that goes beyond the GoPro’s internal mic system. It comes with a directional microphone, a 3.5 mm port, and two shoe mounts for additional accessories.  The mic reduces wind and background noise, which is ideal when filming while outdoors or during physical activities. 

Pro tip: Use the HDMI port on the Media Mod to playback your recording. 

GoPro Light Mod 

The included GoPro Light Mod brightens up even the most challenging spaces for optimal video recording. You can use it as a stand-alone light with the included GoPro tripod, or connect it into the Media Mod for all-in-one video recording. The Light Mod includes four different brightness levels, the brightest being 200 lumens. The included rechargeable battery has a six-hour battery life on the lowest setting.

GoPro MAX Grip Tripod 

This tripod offers 360-degree shooting and can act as a lightweight camera grip or an extension pole. It ranges from nine to 22 inches tall.  Attach the GoPro Hero 8 or the Light Mod to this tripod for ultimate flexibility. 

Point-of-view action shooting 

The Professional video rental kits include various accessories that allow you to get high-quality point-of-view action shots. 

GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip

This head mount gives you the ability to film hands-free action shots from a topical point-of-view by strapping it to your helmet or head. You can also use the included QuickClip to attach it to hats, belts, or other accessories. 

GoPro Chest Strap

Make your audience feel like they’re part of the action with expertly created videos with the GoPro chest strap. This strap is an excellent choice for athletic video filming as it gives you incredible point-of-view footage. 

Pro tip: the padded chest strap is adjustable and can fit over various outfits, from puffy ski jackets to swimsuits. 

Westcott backdrop for professional-grade interview videos 

Create a professional interview setting anywhere by attaching the Westcott backdrop to a smooth surface using the damage-free hooks included with your kit. The backdrops are wrinkle-resistant and lightweight. They’re easily portable and can be set up in many different locations, like a locker room or home office. 

Cleaning and inspecting your video rental kit 

We have placed additional steps for sanitation and hygiene of our video rental kits, including social distancing protocols, to ensure a safe environment for packaging and shipping. All of our equipment is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and sanitized per CDC recommended guidelines for your safety.

Before unpacking your kit, please inspect all of the equipment for any scratches or damages to avoid being charged a replacement fee. Before returning your kit, please follow the checklist included inside to ensure all equipment is accounted for and to avoid any late fees.

Curastory video rental kits help you create high-quality video content 

Curastory video rental kits provide everything you need to create videos that will help your content get noticed by potential sponsors. Once you create your video, upload it to our platform to be matched with a video sponsor and be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook @curastory, as well as Twitter @curastoryUS.

Get started by renting a kit today! 

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Referrals are a significant part of a creator’s growth journey, and at Curastory, we are all about empowering and enabling creators to grow as much as they allow themselves to.
Referrals are a significant part of a creator’s growth journey, and at Curastory, we are all about empowering and enabling creators to grow as much as they allow themselves to.