March 8, 2022

Sponsorships debunked: How to attract brand sponsors for your videos

Online video is a powerful entertainment, engagement, and education tool for personal and professional use. It’s projected that 82% of internet traffic will be video-based by 2022. Brands are looking to get in on the rise of video in consumer viewing habits, spending millions of dollars each year on video advertising.

These numbers won’t slow down any time soon. Brands looking to get in front of their target markets through engaging video content led the rise (and fall) of YouTube influencers. Now, many brands find that their relationships with influencers on YouTube aren’t resulting in the return on investment they hoped for, and audiences are getting tired of constantly skipping ads.

However, the need for brands to capitalize on video marketing remains the same. How do we bridge the gap between content creation and monetization? That’s where Curastory can help.

How to get video sponsors on Curastory

Curastory goes beyond YouTube influencer marketing, flipping video sponsorships on websites like YouTube on its head. While many influencers on YouTube create content specifically because a sponsor wants them to make it, Curastory reverses this process.

Content creators upload engaging videos. Then, brands browse and bid through an online directory of relevant content for videos they’d like to sponsor. Once a bid is accepted, the brand sends a script to the creator to record a 15-30 second ad segment to add to their video. The brand could also provide product for the creator to film with for their in-video ad. With Curastory, there’s no need for sponsors to use YouTube to put ads in random places over the video that viewers eventually skip.

Curastory also tracks a video’s engagement, views, and analytics once published on a creator’s social media channels, so there’s no guesswork on the brand’s ROI.

Now that you understand how the platform works, here’s how to make your video content catch the eye of video sponsors on Curastory.

Provide high-quality, engaging content

Professional sponsors are looking for high-quality, professional videos. Use the right tools when filming your video so that the audio is clear and speakers are easy to understand. Watch your video several times before presenting it to potential sponsors for audio and video quality. The video shouldn’t be blurry, fuzzy, or go in-and-out of focus. Use a tripod so that the camera is steady and doesn’t shake during filming. Use video editing tools on the Curastory platform to help create well-crafted videos. We also have rental kits available to aid you in filming.

Cover relevant and engaging topics in your videos. When figuring out what types of content to create, think about how the video will engage your online community and help a brand grow. Videos that help people and share inspiring stories are more likely to get video sponsorship bids. You’ll also want to make sure you present yourself in an engaging way to hold the viewers’ attention for as long as possible. Make sure the intent of your video is clear, covering one specific topic with a storyline that is easy to follow.

Produce professional content

Brands want to sponsor engaging, relevant, and inspiring content, which requires your videos to be professional in all aspects of creation. Brands will not want to align their logo with certain topics. Avoid controversial subject matter such as crime, illegal activities, hate speech, discrimination, terrorism, or violence. Stay clear of these types of videos on your channel—not just the ones you upload to our platform.

Find a niche

Brands want to sponsor videos that are related to the product or service they offer. For example, if your community is in the health niche, you may have difficulty getting a brand to sponsor a crafting video. Tailor your content to topics that interest you and get great engagement within your online community. Check the analytics of previous videos you’ve posted to see what subjects resonate with your audience. Do you notice any trends?

Back up your video with data

To get video sponsors for your content, it all comes down to the numbers. Brands want to know that they will get an adequate return on investment by choosing to sponsor your video. Have accurate data on hand about your following, micro-community, projected viewers, and engagement rates to present to potential sponsors. When you create a video listing on our platform, we provide some of this information to the brand. Make sure you provide accurate and relevant statistics that are easily understood.

You’ll also need to understand the details of agreements you have with any other sponsors, such as non-compete contracts. Curastory asks for this information when you sign up, and we won’t allow potential competitors to bid on your videos in this case.

Keep videos brand-neutral

Brands want to be the sponsor of your video. They don’t like to sponsor videos that already have other brands associated with them. That’s why it’s crucial not to use any logos, either watermarked or within the video itself. While this may seem like an easy task to accomplish at first, there are many times logos may inadvertently make their way into your videos. Some examples include:

  • Logos that appear on tools or equipment shown in the video such as laptops, duffle bags, and sporting gear.
  • Brand names on clothing or accessories that are worn in the video.
  • Logos that appear on food items such as drinks and snacks.
  • Signs for restaurants and stores if filming outside or in a car.

You can avoid this by discreetly covering logos (like placing a sticker over a laptop logo), wearing solid or patterned clothing, and understanding depth-of-field while filming so that speakers remain in focus.

Be genuine

Let your personality shine through in your video content and don’t be afraid to get creative! Brands don’t want to sponsor content that is the same as thousands of other videos out in cyberspace. Share your unique story in a way that is inspiring and speaks to a general audience. Your sponsored videos are another way that your community gets to know you. Audiences can sense when creators are fake or paid to promote specific products. That’s why Curastory is different than YouTube influencer marketing, since content is created first and then sponsored. The key is to be genuine, be yourself, and own your story!

Use a thumbnail, title, and description

When uploading a video to Curastory, make sure to add a thumbnail, short title, and engaging description. As sponsors are browsing videos in the platform, your thumbnail and title is the first thing they see. How many times have you noticed an eye-catching thumbnail with a unique title on YouTube or Instagram TV when browsing videos and decided to click in to watch? Imagine brands doing the exact same thing the next time you upload your video to the Curastory platform.

Get matched with video sponsors on Curastory

Finding sponsors for your videos used to be a time-consuming process for both creators and brands, with no clear return on investment. Curastory is changing the standard of video sponsorships by matching creators with brands to form lasting partnerships through sponsored content. Sign up to learn more about us and get your videos matched to the right sponsors.

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Referrals are a significant part of a creator’s growth journey, and at Curastory, we are all about empowering and enabling creators to grow as much as they allow themselves to.
Referrals are a significant part of a creator’s growth journey, and at Curastory, we are all about empowering and enabling creators to grow as much as they allow themselves to.