March 8, 2022

9 reasons why IGTV is the next YouTube

Video is among the most effective content formats. The success of YouTube and Instagram is an example of how video content has become popular. YouTube has over 2 billion users, while Instagram has over 1 billion users.

Instagram TV (IGTV) is a fast-growing video content platform. It continues to roll out some of the most desirable content creation features that could set it at par with even YouTube.

While YouTube has been the mainstream, IGTV is making the ultimate strides to provide seamless content creation. So, what makes IGTV so intriguing?

Read on to understand how IGTV is rightly the next big video platform, just as YouTube!

Your audience is just as large on IGTV

Thinking of growing an audience? If you’ve been creating content on YouTube and have a large following, you can achieve the same on IGTV. As long as you have quality content, the potential audience is just as large.

With IGTV, followers are easy to come by. Finding more followers on Instagram is easier than adding subscribers on YouTube. The more followers you have, the bigger the audience. With a large audience, you are likely to have a higher conversion rate.

Instagram also offers better audience engagement than YouTube. Users can like, comment, share and engage in personal messages. If your content requires engagement, IGTV might be the ultimate platform for you.

IGTV now supports landscape video

IGTV has been showing some great vertical videos. However, the majority of users were not happy and wanted the landscape format. Instagram has since launched the landscape format so users can view their favorite in a better way.

IGTV enables content creators to publish their video previews on their feed. This is a great way to enable viewers to discover your videos. It also serves as a natural way to attract an audience to your content. The previews are short and last only 15 seconds, so viewers get appealed quickly.

For viewers, the landscape format is a great way to watch videos from the creators they love. When it comes to sports, music, or action, the landscape format is the ultimate.

You can send organic view traffic to IGTV

There are many ways to drive SEO traffic to your videos. First of all, it’s worth teasing viewers by posting to your story. IG stories give an idea of what the video is all about. If the story is attractive, users will highly likely go to the full video.

You can as well link your video to an IG ad to attract more viewers. In-feed IG ads blend effortlessly into users’ feeds. All that you need is to include a link to your video in the ad and publish it. This offers a more natural way to reach your target audience.

Using our partner FansPlug, you can easily send traffic to your videos through IG ads now. Their model enables you to place your videos alongside similarly related ones to improve your viewership. Your ideal audience can see your videos alongside what they are already watching. Use our partner discount at FansPlug for 10% off — just enter CURA10.

It’s not hard to create Instagram ads that deliver organic SEO. Ads on IG can be up to a minute long to give users a closer look at your content. You are highly likely to attract more viewers if you craft top-notch visuals on the ad.

Explore tab gives users opportunity to view relevant content

Did you know that people outside your audience can still view your content? The IGTV has Explore Tab features that leads users to related content. It is made up of videos, photos, and posts tailored for users depending on what they like.

The explore tab makes it easier for users to get deep into what they like. Since users can find what they are looking for, they’ll likely find your content. The IG algorithm helps people discover what they like effortlessly.

You can explore other creators’ IGTV videos you would like, similar to YouTube Explore through the Explore page. IGTV helps you discover similar content from other creators and see what works for them.

Through this feature, you can look for hashtags, places, and accounts. All these recommendations make IGTV a whole new desirable video content platform, just as YouTube.

Monetizing Instagram can earn you a fortune

Monetizing Instagram makes it a great alternative to YouTube. Thanks to the large audience that comes with it, you can earn good money. If you can create engaging content, IGTV offers the same perks as YouTube. Some of the ways to monetize Instagram include;

Creating sponsored content

There are so many brands looking for people to promote their content. By promoting products, they increase sales. Also known as influencer marketing, this strategy helps a lot.

You have to connect with brands to create sponsored content. You can promote services, products, or even campaigns. Instagram users with a higher engagement rate net high pay. If you have a considerable interaction, get in touch with brands to see if they are interested in working with you. Also, you can register with agencies to help you connect with brands.

Curastory helps you to shoot customized sponsorship ads and place them in your videos to earn money. You can earn from every view with no minimum viewership required and choose from an array of their brand sponsors to partner with.

Sell your own goods

With IGTV, you can create video content showcasing your own goods. The process is super easy and less complicated. All that you need is to create catchy videos that appeal to your audience.

If you run an online store, you can include a link in your IG ads to redirect viewers or use IG Shopping. The best thing with IGTV is that you can focus on a particular niche and attract a broad audience. It edges YouTube in the ease of marketing its own products.

Video product placements

In the same way you monetize your YouTube videos with product placements, so can Instagram. Brands pay content creators to create videos and embed products. IGTV is a decent platform for video product placement if you want to reach a wider audience.

The future of video is mobile

Video is expected to command 82% of internet traffic. A significant percentage of video plays happen on mobile devices.

IGTV provides a great way to create mobile-friendly video content. Since adding the landscape feature, more and more viewers find it easy to view their favorite content. This makes IGTV a simple alternative to YouTube. You can create content for both Instagram and IGTV simultaneously.

Instagram is popular with Millennials and GenZ

IGTV will highly likely benefit from millennials and Gen Z preferences. Millennials are entering their peak spending years. If you are a content creator targeting this target population, things might work out seamlessly.

Unlike YouTube, it’s more demographic-specific and will likely dominate in the coming years. Gen Z is a group of teenagers and young adults who are yet to achieve purchasing power. It’s safe to say IGTV’s audience is yet to explore the platform.

The perfect platform to bring to life oId videos

Have you been creating videos on YouTube or Facebook without getting meaningful engagement? Video content doesn’t have to be native and platform-specific. You can reuse those videos on IGTV and keep the ball rolling. Those old videos have a chance to be seen by new users yet again.

Repurposing videos is an easy way to get more use of the content you spend time creating. Platforms such as TikTok and Twitter aren’t ideal since they don’t support long-form videos.

IGTV complements the parent platform Instagram

If you are a content creator, you already know how IGTV and Instagram go hand in hand. It harmonizes two platforms in one to allow for seamless content marketing. IGTV is designed to supplement Instagram as its video platform. As long as Instagram continues to grow, so does IGTV.

This strategy works best on Instagram than any other platform. You can create video content for IGTV while creating ordinary image posts. The majority of marketers have realized how this double strategy can be key in their marketing.

Need help creating your Instagram videos?

IGTV will go hand in hand with YouTube in terms of content creation. The best thing is that IGTV is yet to become competitive like YouTube, and as a content creator, you stand a big chance of succeeding when it does.

To drive meaningful engagement, you need high-quality videos. To make quality videos that appeal to viewers, you need top-of-the-range equipment and editing tools at your disposal.

Whether you want to monetize Instagram or drive marketing campaigns, Curastory delivers the ultimate platform. At Curastory, we have the ideal resources to make sure you create a high-quality video ad.

Visit our website or get in touch with us to discuss how we can take your videos to a top-notch level.

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Referrals are a significant part of a creator’s growth journey, and at Curastory, we are all about empowering and enabling creators to grow as much as they allow themselves to.
Referrals are a significant part of a creator’s growth journey, and at Curastory, we are all about empowering and enabling creators to grow as much as they allow themselves to.