April 11, 2022

Here’s why your brand should use organic campaigns to get more customers

According to the major social media platforms, your brand’s performance without organic strategies will be… Interesting. To say the least.

This is because organic campaigns have proved to be insanely effective over the past few years to impact every industry, market, and type of audience. Your brand needs organic tactics to grow.

That’s precisely why in today’s article, we’ll explore further the main reasons why organic campaigns are a must for brands looking to get more customers and consumers to buy their services. Especially if video ads are your thing (like ours).

What are organic campaigns?

According to Word Agents, organic marketing or campaigns refers to any strategy where you don’t directly spend money on advertising (i.e., the “paid” approach).

This ties back perfectly to our first reason why organic campaigns rule: They can provide free traffic for your brand. Yes, you read that right. 

In a strict sense, organic advertising involves effort, a strategy, and in-house resources – but still has some expenses or associated costs, to be fair. Yet, it’s free traffic so that your brand won’t have to implement paid advertising strategies.

Just like what we do at Curastory – we support content creators and brand partners in monetizing content organically and sustainably, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Organic rocks.

That said, there are other definitions of what organic campaigns are, just like this definition from organic marketing moguls, Hubspot: “Organic marketing is a strategy that generates traffic to your business over time rather than using paid methods. This includes blog posts, case studies, guest posts, unpaid tweets, and Facebook updates.”

Yeah, pretty much what we are also doing here with this blog. It’s an organic marketing technique to drive traffic to our website. And, if you’re wondering if that’s even a thing or if it works… Well, it does. 

How do organic campaigns work?

Organic campaigns are planned to increase brand awareness. That’s the main goal behind every organic effort – even more important than customer acquisition.


Your brand won’t get new customers or consumers from your campaigns if they don’t trust you. That’s why brand awareness should come first on your priority list.

An effective organic campaign strategy involves creating brand awareness and following specific audience, engagement, and style criteria. This means you need to understand what your audience is all about to match their needs, desires, and problems, presenting your educational or engaging content as a solution.

Some examples include…

  • Social Media posting
  • Blog posting (again, like this one you’re reading)
  • User-generated content
  • SEO strategies
  • And our favorite, YouTube

In a nutshell, organic campaigns work by following a comprehensive strategy that touches the interest of your audience to slowly (but steady) turn them into customers over time, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

How do brands use organic campaigns throughout their socials?

Smart brands create smart content.

This means if you want to impact your future customers’ lives, you need to bear something in mind at all times: It’s about how you can provide something they are looking for.

They don’t really care about your brand.

That could sound mean… We get it. But as soon as you internalize this harsh reality, the sooner you’ll create effective and genuine organic campaigns for your brand to touch hearts and minds.

The thing is, as human beings, we are programmed to look for pleasure and avoid pain. That’s why we often stop when we read something that just ‘feels’ like it was tailor-made for us.

Like that great Ad you saw this morning while having your first cup of coffee.

Same happens to organic content. It should speak directly to the customer, and that’s what intelligent brands do.

Let’s use a brilliant explanation of what brands do throughout their socials from other experts, like Hootsuite:

“For example, brands use organic social media to:

  • Establish their personality and voice
  • Build relationships by sharing informative, entertaining, and/or inspiring content
  • Engage customers at every stage of their buying journey
  • Support their customers with customer service”

That said, the trick is on optimizing your content and making it evergreen to ensure traffic. Quality traffic, actually.

Using another example, Curastory bridges the gap between how creators and brands leverage their socials, taking video to a whole new level. Not just saying, but actually doing it in a way that both creators and brand partners win using organic video ads with increasingly growing ROAS.

Got questions on that? Just reach out, and we’ll explain how everything works in a nutshell. 

Best practices for organic campaign tactics on each major platform

Each major platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) has its own knacks. 

But, in essence, there are best general practices for organic content for brands… Like, having a strategy, measuring your campaigns, and always focusing on providing value rather than pushing the sale.

But, still, there are special notes for each of these platforms. 

Let’s go for LinkedIn first.

According to Digital Hyve, targeting becomes crucial on this social network before typing a word… You must have an image of who your ideal customer is. 

Having this in place will help you develop personas for potential customers and followers.

And, in such a business-y place like LinkedIn, understanding how to speak to your audience makes even more sense. You don’t want to turn them off.

Now, for Facebook, Falcon.io explains what should be done to position your brand effectively: Use posting wisely in terms of the format.

This will allow your brand to keep its content fresh, even if what you’re constantly doing is paying off. This is a great way to optimize reach without burning cash.

Instagram is more of a visual thing, though. That doesn’t mean you should ignore your captions. Actually, these should be smart, genuine, and overall, really short.

Just like Path Social says, “Instagram provides a generous character limit for captions — 2,200 characters or about 350 words. But keep in mind that most Instagram users are more into visuals than words, so try to keep your captions short and sweet.”

Because, sure, your posts will grab people’s attention. But your caption will make them want to engage with them.

YouTube is more technical in that sense. Technology Therapy mentions SEO as the main thing to pay attention to when it comes to organic reach, and we couldn’t agree more.

Using keywords in your video’s headlines, summary, and transcripts is crucial to position both your channel and video in front of the right pair of eyeballs.

How to measure organic campaigns?

Willow said it best: KPIs.

You need to have a strategy in place; that’s a fact. But, without a key performance indicator to closely look into, you’re blindfolded and hand-tied. No escape. Just hope and pray marketing.

That’s precisely why every innovative business, brand, or creator measures their content’s performance based on precise metrics (or KPIs) – to ensure success with a comprehensive approach.

So… There are vital things to note, and these are:

  • Your engagement rate
  • Your reach
  • Your mentions
  • Your impressions

These are the leading indicators that will tell you precisely what you need to tune up to win.

Notice we didn’t mention your following?

That’s because au contraire what people think it’s not as important. In fact, it could not matter at all unless you see some return out of it. 

And, before saying goodbye… Some killer brands doing killer organic content:

Let’s look at some fantastic brands doing what we love: Creating meaningful content and breaking the internet.

433: The world’s biggest soccer community.

Kings of sports content, 433, are known for making things go viral in a heartbeat. No wonder why – they have a whopping 48 million followers and an average of 1.5 million likes on each post.

Just like this one: Babies, video games, and all laughs. 

Saint Hoax: Unapologetically, politically incorrect.

Some of Curastory’s team members guiltiest (or not) pleasure. They are well-known for posting pop culture content in their way. Plus, they REALLY understand what their audience finds funny and use it in their favor.

Here, have a good laugh.

Always remember, Curastory is here to answer any questions you may have about this article or content creation in general. Just reach out.

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Referrals are a significant part of a creator’s growth journey, and at Curastory, we are all about empowering and enabling creators to grow as much as they allow themselves to.
Referrals are a significant part of a creator’s growth journey, and at Curastory, we are all about empowering and enabling creators to grow as much as they allow themselves to.